78 Mach 1
was car hunting the other day or early evening in a scarey part
of town, but the area is known for having cool old cars sitting in
peoples yards..
stumbled across this , the pic is using my zoom lens past
the fence out front too.
Turns out it was and is a 78 Mach 1....
bought it on the spot and brought it to my shop today to at least
get it back on the road.

[Image: mach1.jpg]
Very cool find.

Way to snag one on the fly.

Let us know how the story continues.
That's pretty good finding one of them as there weren't a lot of Mach1 in those years and especially to find one that seems to be all there. I believe more pics are in order. Congrats JTS 71 Mach1
Eyup...nice find and great sleuth like picture! Was the car actually for sale when you spotted it or did you spot it and make an offer?
More pics please!

I didnt make an offer, I just knocked on the door and this
nice older mexican lady who didnt speak english answered
the door, her 15 yr old daughter had to translate some for
us, my spanish is not all the great.
She gave me a price and with a little time we came to an
agreed price.
Now I have to start cleaning it up this week and see how
it runs. It is a V6 ac car. The other side has more dents but
still way worthy of restoring. Being an AZ car.. zero to no
rust at all which is the best part.

[Image: m3.jpg]
this is the best part :)

[Image: m2.jpg]
What a great find!

Keep us updated on how the progress goes.
Cool story...and I like the Cragar wheels! Now that we know what you are working with, let's see what you can do with her. Keep posting photos along the way. It is a real neat project watch.

    cleaned it up more...
went over some of the bodywork with some white
flat primer to try to make it look a little better and
actually see where any damage was being worked on
the body...
runs good for not being tuned up in a while..

    another shot , the interior...
poor cars had a rough life here and there...
but with some time and money, it could be
a decent driver, or someone could go all out
and do a full resto on it too..
    1 more pic....
Great find - it's a real Mustang II Mach 1! Right after high-school I had a blue '76 (not a Mach 1) with a V8 and one of my friends had a '77 or '78 with a 4 cylinder (2300) that I repainted white for him. Great little cars. You have to restore it. Looks like a uper easy project (compared to my '71 Mach). Almost all of the original pieces are there and the body looks REALLY good (very little rust). White is the easiest color to repaint. You should have it done in a few months!

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