What's One More Iron In The Fire!
Well it has been F O R E V E R since I have been here - my apology!

And for those of you who are wondering - I am alive and well.  :)  

It has been a busy first part of the year. 

An unplanned trip to Ohio in February.  Home (Mexico) for one weekend and back to Ohio for a planned trip for a couple of weeks.  We made it as far as Oklahoma before needing to return back to Ohio for a family emergency.  Back home for a few weeks and then back to Ohio for our youngest daughter's wedding!  Another couple of weeks (planned) to mentor the next generation in mission work and back home about two weeks ago.

The end of this month we will be heading out to Colorado just for a Sunday and then return via Bullhead City, Arizona for a meeting.

The good part is that Bullhead City is where I purchased and have stored the 71 Cougar.  Perhaps I will be able to get a few hours worth of work in on it.  I would love to bring it home with me BUT I just don't have any parking space here - literally.

Anyway, I just thought that I would say "Hi" and I will do my best to not be such a stranger.
Good to hear from you Steven. Have been meaning to give you a call but just haven't, you know how it is  Laughing  You have an empty nest now?
Steven Who??? Good to hear from you, and to know you're still above the dirt.  Cool
 I thought when you got a little age on you, you were supposed to slow down. Sounds like you simply found another gear! LOL! May God watch over you old friend. And remember, Never Drive Faster, then your Guardian Angel can Fly!!!

PS mine has a Jet Pack. 

Wow, busy schedule. Great to hear from you!
Thank you - great to hear from each of you!

Yes, my guardian angel has special opps training!

I'm not sure about slowing down - the older I get, the more I have to do and the shorter the time in which to do it.  Plus I don't like the look of the guy that is following me!

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