What's One More Iron In The Fire!
That's the car and the idea - knowing that the Australian market never had the two door and the American market never had a real high performance Falcon. The idea would be to have the Australia front end and rear treatment with the 351C top loader 4 speed.
Sounds like one heck of a sleeper to me! JTS 71 Mach1
Well the Jeep J 20 has moved on to a new owner in Missouri.

So far no new additions .. BUT Mustangmike's thread has me ready to begin looking for a 67 Fairlane!
Hi Steven, I can only offer a few words of advice, and you probably already know this, find a car that has all pieces. Parts for the 66/67 Fairlanes are ridiculously hard to find. And, if you find them you pay for them dearly! I think in the long run it is cheaper to buy a complete running car that is ready to drive. I have seen some nice Fairlanes for very reasonable prices. They don't carry the same value as the Mustangs do.
So this post goes back to 2017 and that last iron in the fire was the J20 Jeep that was re-homed in Missouri.

Since then I purchased a 1965 Mustang for my youngest daughter and sadly I have just not had the time to devote to it to get it on the road for her.

So the solution -- buy another one of course :). Say "HI" to our newest purchase - a 1968 Coupe.  Originally a six cylinder, automatic - it came to us with neither the motor nor the transmission.  No worries, I have both for the 65.  And this 68 is much closer to actually being able to get it on the road.  The 65 will follow.

Or will it?

A friend just called me today with the possibility of a complete "barn find" 1971 Cougar Convertible!  How can I possibly say no!

After all - "What's One More Iron In The Fire!"
Can never have too many cars Steven. Grab it.
Here are a few thousand words of explanation!

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And another couple of thousand words ..

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Sorry about that :

the first picture is too big and I didn't load all three at once &

the second picture turned sideways - that happens to a lot of things in my life!

but third times the charm :)

- trying to refigure this picture posting out again - and on a "new" computer.

And I am back to typing in my Mach 1 color.  Yea!
Well the 71 Cougar doesn't look to bad at all other then the weathered top? If it needs replacing which isn't that hard a job, a Saturday should do it. I'd make it Black as I think it would look better with the deep Maroon color, even the paint isn't bad. Now can you sell the child on the Cougar???? As it definitely looks like a runner to me. I'm with Steve O If the price isn't stupid, Get it! Cause what's one more Iron in the Fire.  Laughing7


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