Anyone that does not know how to post pictures on our website please read the following topic, you must be currently registered and logged in to view the photos that are included in the tutorial.

Because I play with my camera and pictures in general because of my websites I have learned reducing photos is something that should be learned if you do this online, a chimpanzee could learn to reduce photos.

I always suggest trying IrfanView, I use this exclusively for reducing size, I will help in anyway.


Play around with it, it is really easy and you'll be amazed how quick you'll pick it up, you'll learn something new and amaze your friends Rofl


Windows 7 also provides another handy tool. I suggest checking this out as it is another simple tool to help you capture photos, pretty cool actually.

How to use the Windows 7 Snipping Tool - CLICK HERE
Here is my '69.

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SSig_welcome4 , looks like you found us!  Very nice Mach1, Tell us more? There are quite a few 69 Owners here, in fact it's probably the largest group on the Forum. Lots of good info, and people. Jump in and look around. Please ask any, and all questions, as somebody here knows, or can find the answer. Again Welcome!  Cool


My 1970 Mach 1
Nugget Gold Metallic
Just picked this up out of a barn/garage in high plains colorado.           
I recently purchased my 2004 Mach 1. In 2004 I use to go by my local Ford dealership  and wish I could afford  the azure blue Mach 1 that was on the lot. I have always loved the style with the shaker hood. Fast forward 17 years later and I now own that same iconic American muscle. I looked at them on Marketplace for about a year but wasn't really serious,  just looking. This particular one was on there for awhile and I guess it was just ment to be. I also own a 2015 50 year anniversary appearance package that is ruby red.
How do you edit pictures after your attach them? I tried to attach some but they seem to zoom in and as you can see, only get a partial picture.
Update- I have graduated to chimpanzee  level. After several tries, pictures are resized.

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    Just bought this 1972 Mach 1 that was part of the Smoky Hyde Collection. This is my first Mustang Mach 1, I am looking forward to learning and sharing information with this group. Glad to be a member.
Q Code
351 Cleveland 4V Engine
Magnum 500 Wheels
Full Gauge Package with Tachometer
Red Oxide Floor Boards
Ram Air with Functioning Induction Air Cleaner
Deluxe Bucket Seat Interior with Center Console
Dual Exhaust
Grabber Blue Base Coat/Clear Coat Paint

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