30 years later...
I've had this Mach since I was 19... Now, at 51, it's time to git 'er done!

It's a 1970 351C 4V. I'm doing a .030" overbore, balancing, and a .010" under crank. I'm going completely stock.

Let's have a look under the hood... yikes!

[Image: 031810.jpg]

Removing the engine

[Image: 031910d.jpg]

Sorry mice, you have to find a new home...

[Image: 110909c.jpg]

Heads apart... they only had 90 miles after my last rebuild attempt

[Image: 111009d.jpg]

I paid someone good money to have these heads rebuilt, (in 1980), and found the exhaust guides knurled, and the intake valve stem clearances over .010". Valve margins were borderline. Anyway, here they are after new bronze guides.

[Image: 012110c.jpg]


[Image: 012110h.jpg]

New stainless valves

[Image: 012110i.jpg]

I don't know how many pictures I can put up at once, but I've got some more engine and balancing shots.
Great pictures, keep em coming. Love the mouse house hahaha
Some more pictures:


[Image: 032910c.jpg]

Resurfacing flywheel

[Image: IMG_0498.jpg]

Weighing rod big end.. (I should play that number in the lottery), hee, hee

[Image: IMG_0460.jpg]

Harmonic balancer, flywheel, and bobweights all assembled and ready to balance

[Image: IMG_0544.jpg]

Spinning her up

[Image: IMG_0546.jpg]

That's about as far as I am right now. I've assembled the pistons to the rods, and purchased all of the gaskets, cam bearings, etc. Hopefully post more pictures soon.
Looks like your fixing it up right. Keep posting up those pics!
Ya good job TwoTime love the pictures I wish more members would post up pictures of resto's in progress!!
At this rate, it will take me another 30 years... Got most of the bottom end together, and I freshened up the alternator.

Getting ready to assemble
[Image: IMG_0317.jpg]

Checking thrust
[Image: IMG_0322.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0690.jpg]

This is far as I got
[Image: IMG_0395.jpg]

Alternator looking a little ratty
[Image: IMG_0572.jpg]

I'm not doing a concourse correct restoration, but I want it clean and nice.
[Image: IMG_0391.jpg]
auryte! Looks like another Stang will be spared the crusher! You'll only be 80 when it's done Rofl
What did you use for the Ford Blue paint? What will keep it from flaking off? Did you do anything special, looks great! Awesome
Hey '72 Mach1, I use Duplicolor spray cans with ceramic from Napa. I get all the old paint off, make sure it's clean, and just spray it on. Dries quickly, and lasts. I've always had good luck with it, (so far).

Made a little more progress these last few days. One of the hardest things is locating all the pieces... I've got things scattered in so many places, but so far nothing major is missing.

Got the heads on
[Image: IMG_0452.jpg]

Bottom end wrapped up
[Image: IMG_0463.jpg]

Starting to look like something
[Image: IMG_0484.jpg]

I haven't done a thing to this car since my last post on 6/30 Crazy

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