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Need paint match advise from expert auto painter - rindel - 06-07-2020

I touched up some chips on the edge of my drivers door and fender with paint scratch lime gold for 69 mustang (color code i) but the paint was too dark. I went to Sherwin Williams auto paint store and they gave me a closer match but still not an exact match. I went back and the guy gave me some more sample paint and extra black and silver to add on my own. So my only options to mix on top of the lime gold is to add more black or silver to get more metallic. Can someone advise if I can get to the original paint by either adding black, metallic or both? the 3rd mix on the photo is the closest match yet by adding black. Please advise?


RE: Need paint match advise from expert auto painter - JTS71 Mach1 - 06-07-2020

Paint matching is an almost impossible task, especially for heavy Metallic colors like Lime Gold. It takes only a drop or 2, to much of any one color in the mix, to change the shade of a color. Then you have to figure in, exposure to sunlight, rain, tree sap, road grime, salt, etc. As far as knowing what to add black or silver, is anyone's best guess, as there are probably six or seven, maybe more colors that actually make up Lime Gold. So it's a crap shoot, as to which one added, will produce the desired color. Wish I had better thoughts on the subject. I know there is such a thing as a spectrum analyzer for paint, but I've never seen one. Maybe a High End paint store???

Sorry I can't be more help. Maybe someone on here is a professional painter, and can help?  Huh  We can Hope!


RE: Need paint match advise from expert auto painter - Mustangmike - 06-07-2020

Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me the first shade looks to be the closest match.  Is your car a repaint?  If so, you may want to work backwards to see if you can trace back to the color code of the paint used.  If it was painted a long while ago it could be difficult to do.  If you can get the paint code that was used obviously it will be the best match.  Otherwise, any professional auto paint store typically can match the paint color if you bring them a sample.  I would call one in your area.

Good luck!