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Mustang GT Transmission Issue Overrated? - SaintVause - 04-25-2019

Hey, I am in the market for a 5.0 Mustang with the 6 speed manual and all I hear from others and on the Mustang Forums is how bad the manual transmission in in these cars. Being that I want to buy the car with a manual, a transmission that is going to give me nothing but problems is a serious reason for me not to buy the car. Not knowing any 5.0 owners personally, I decided that it would be best to come here and ask just how overrated are the manual transmission issues with the car? Are they really as bad as the internet makes them out to be or are they really not that bad and not a big issue to worry about?

RE: Mustang GT Transmission Issue Overrated? - Mustangmike - 04-26-2019

Welcome to the Club! I am not sure specifically what transmission issue you are referring to but a friend of mine had purchased 2014 Mustang California Special and I remember him mentioning something about how he was not happy with how the transmission shifted.  He said it was kind of "ratchety" not smooth as he expected.  He later sold that car and picked up 2016 Mustang GT and mentioned how much better the car shifted.  So I am assuming Ford had addressed a shifting problem with their transmissions.

Please provide some additional information about what year Mustang and the specific issue with the transmissions you have read about.  I would be curious to know.