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Throwback Picture - BLACK JADE 69 - 03-22-2019

So I finally come across a picture of the car that started my love for Mustangs. My dad is in the yellow coat on the right and my cousin
(who built all of the motors for the cars we have restored) is next to him. Dad did the fabrication of all metal and my cousin tuned
the 427 Ford engines for the car. 6 year old me thought this was about the coolest thing ever especially when that open header engine
came to life. This picture was actually taken in the down town location of the Ford dealership I work at now. the dealership had moved and
the building is now the town police department. Paint job is a copy of David Pearson's NASCAR torino.

RE: Throwback Picture - JTS71 Mach1 - 03-22-2019

Wow now that's Cool!!! Cool  My Dad had built and raced Sprint Cars with my Grandfather. By the time i came along in 58 Dad had quit racing, and even though I wanted to, he wouldn't let me within sniffing distance of a race car. So I grew up to be a Hot Rodder!

Cool Picture Thanks Black Jade


RE: Throwback Picture - Oztrailer - 03-22-2019

Good stuff  Clap_

RE: Throwback Picture - BLACK JADE 69 - 04-17-2020

Found some more cleaning out my brother's house. I will try to post more when I can.

RE: Throwback Picture - JTS71 Mach1 - 04-17-2020

Boy! Those are days gone by.


RE: Throwback Picture - carmans69 - 04-23-2020

Awesome pics!! Thanks for sharing !!