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new member - prod date 4/88 - 11-25-2018

just picked a 1970 Mach 1. no motor or trans. was a 351 two barrel/ automatic car. was a parts car for a former drag car that had no interior. solid with all the Mach I trim intact on the body. send pictures soon. big project but I believe its worth saving.

RE: new member - 1969_Mach1 - 11-25-2018

Welcome to the site.  The 69 and 70 Mach 1's and Boss 302's are my favorite Mustangs.  Looking forward to seeing how complete your car is.

RE: new member - Mustangmike - 11-25-2018

Welcome to the M1C.  Was the car you purchased the race car or the parts car for the race car?  I am looking forward to seeing pictures.  One again welcome aboard!

RE: new member - JTS71 Mach1 - 11-27-2018

Welcome. they can all be saved. If you don't believe me look at Eric's Mach1  (mister4X4) Look up his posts, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Good Luck, and enjoy the site. Lots of info, and good people. Again Welcome. 


RE: new member - Steven Harris - 12-01-2018


As the others - I am looking forward to the pictures.

Yes, any solid body is well worth saving.