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New member - Mgcobra - 10-29-2018

Hi guys, I have just registered on here after following a link for Mach 1 owners to join.
So my story, I am from the U.K. where I run a 99 GT convertible. Had this for 6 years. We have also a vacation property in Kissimmee, Florida where we have enjoyed holidays since 2001. Now 2 years ago I was able to take early retirement after 47 years service with 2 different companies.
So we now spend 3 months twice in a year in Florida. Now last year around end September I was browsing through various Mustang forums I belong to. It was late evening when I spotted an ad pop up for a 1969 Mach 1. It had been in storage since 1986 ish. Engine was apart & had been bored, crank ground with new bearings, cam bearings, pistons & rods. More of the car was apart but ad suggested it was a sound body. Price was firm. Now I am very impulsive. Having bought my 99 at a show, having not even been looking for a mustang.
So I sent a message to the seller, emphasising my interest & asking for 1st refusal. He agreed to my request even though others started adding to thread with their interest.
So main issue, well 2. First my wife, telling her we were going on a road trip. She was stunned to say the least. Reason, we were in Kissimmee & the car was in north Texas.
So next few days was a rush getting money transferred from UK, sorting out a route & a plan for journey. Booking hotels. I was getting calls from seller asking if I was seriously coming to view.
He even had an offer from a potential buyer to offer me $500 to not go & he would buy car.
So all declined & we set off on a Thursday pm to drive to Texas. 2 hotels & arriving at sellers area at another hotel on Saturday pm. Drive in what else but a New S550 Convertible.
Went to view car that afternoon & then back again on the Sunday to view rest of parts that had been in sellers roof space. Deal was done & I had a 69 mustang mach1

RE: New member - JTS71 Mach1 - 10-29-2018

Welcome. Now that's a story! Sounds like you'll fit in well around here, cause were anything but typical. We have a very diverse bunch of guys on here. Lots of info, and good people. Glad you joined, and enjoy the site. Jump in anytime, and we'll all have some fun! 



RE: New member - Steven Harris - 10-30-2018

Great story!

So since purchasing the Mach 1 (end of September 2017) over a year ago now - what do you think?  Was it a good impulsive purchase or are you now regretting the whole thing?  Or was it the best thing you have ever done and you have not looked back!

What progress have you made with the Mach 1 in the last year?

I for one am interested to hear more of this story!

Jump on in and enjoy the ride.