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New Member - NC69Stang - 09-19-2018

Good Morning, New I just found this Forum today and Joined.  I am looking forward to meeting a lot of Mustang Owners and Talking Cars.

I am a returning Mustang / Mach1 owner having just buying my 5th Mach1, not all at one time mind you, but spread over more years than I like to admit.  I was into Street Rodding for many years and enjoy both Building and Driving Old Cars.
I hope that we can all have some fun and enjoy our common interest in both Old and Not So Old Cars.

I would love to chat with any members here and get to know you so we may all enjoy the Sport better. 
Please message me anytime you will.


RE: New Member - JTS71 Mach1 - 09-19-2018

Cool   Cool, a man after our own hearts! As you will quickly learn most of us here think, and believe, the same basic things you do! Welcome and please feel free to read all the different forums, Lots of info, and it will help you to get to know us, and then jump in, and join the conversations, as we can always use another Mach1 Nut/Lover. Again Welcome. 


RE: New Member - 1969_Mach1 - 09-19-2018

Welcome.  So what is your 5th Mach 1 you recently got?  Is it a 1969 like your username kind of suggests?

RE: New Member - Mustangmike - 09-19-2018

Welcome to the site Drink_to_that .  It sounds like you have been bitten by the Mustang Bug like the rest of us here.  Share some information and pictures about your cars and your street rodding experiences.  I assume when you say street rodding are you referring to pre-1948 cars?

RE: New Member - Mach 1 Club - 10-11-2018


RE: New Member - Steven Harris - 10-12-2018


So what is your latest Mach 1?