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New member - Lkwl65 - 08-27-2018

Just joined. I have a 70 mach1. Grabber blue 351w auto a/c p/s p/b. Had the car since 2005. I did a ground up restoration. Put it back original except used a lter model block and overdrive trans.

RE: New member - JTS71 Mach1 - 08-27-2018

Welcome, sounds like a good way to restore a Mach1. Was the Grabber Blue, avaiable on a 70 Mach1???  I'm not sure I ever saw one in Grabber Blue. HHHMMM?  Enjoy the sight lots of info, and good people. Several of them have 70 Mach1's. So you're in good company. Again Welcome.


RE: New member - Steven Harris - 08-27-2018


Great to have you along for the ride.

With a restoration under your belt you knowledge will be helpful in answering some more detailed and obscure questions that arise.

RE: New member - 1969_Mach1 - 08-27-2018

Welcome.  Nice car.  My preference for Mach 1's has always been the 1969 and 1970 models.  Grabber Blue is one of my favorite colors.

JTS, from my reference books, 1970 was the first year for Grabber Blue.  I originally wanted it for my 69 Mach 1.  But being a purist when it comes to paint colors I went with the original color.

RE: New member - JTS71 Mach1 - 08-27-2018

Cool, I had seen Grabber blue on 71's up But couldn't remember seeing a 70? Good info, Thanks.