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Hello Just Joined - Candyred69Mach1 - 07-06-2018

I just found this club and joined.  I've owned 3 Mach I's with my current car being owned for 32 years
It's CandyRed, M code 351, 4 speed, and white interior.  Just turned 64K. I bought in 1987 with 48K
I live in Colorado about 25 north of Denver.


RE: Hello Just Joined - 1969_Mach1 - 07-06-2018

Welcome.  Nice to get another member with a 1969 Mach 1.  1969 and 1970 were my favorite years for the Mach 1's.  With the low mileage you have a very desirable car.  I assume with that mileage it's still a numbers matching car?  Unfortunately mine isn't.  It's an M-code, but not numbers matching and converted to a 4sp.  Do you have any pictures?  I'm always curious what the original candy apple red looked like back in 1969.

RE: Hello Just Joined - Mustangmike - 07-06-2018

Welcome to the site Tom.  It is  pretty amazing you found a 1969 Mach 1 in 1987 with only 48k on it.  How is the overall condition of the car now?


RE: Hello Just Joined - JTS71 Mach1 - 07-06-2018

Hey Tom, Welcome to the Mach 1 Club. Sounds like a great car. I know several members here will be jealous, as they have searched long and hard. And have yet to find one. As long as you've had it, I get the feeling it's a treasured item, as it should be. Jump in anytime Lots of good people, and info enjoy.


RE: Hello Just Joined - Candyred69Mach1 - 07-06-2018

Thanks for the welcome...  The car was repainted in either dec 85 or jan 86, right before I bought it.  I bought it Feb 86(87 was a typo) and its pretty much the same.  Other than some normal maintenance, the car has held up well.  Always garaged.  Its due for some fresh paint but still represents well.  Got more dings in the garage than on the street.  I put about 400 miles a year on these days.

RE: Hello Just Joined - 1969_Mach1 - 07-06-2018

Looks nice.  Paint looks good in the picture.  That candy apple red looks better than all others I have seen.  Most look just like a red and nothing like a true candy color.  Put a good thick car cover on it.  That will stop those little scratches and dings that occur when you accidentally bump into it.  I leave a cover on mine all the time and it's in the garage as well.  Oh yeah, I also don't let anybody lean on the car or put their oily hands on the paint.  Basically, don't touch.


RE: Hello Just Joined - Candyred69Mach1 - 07-06-2018

I resized the pictures.

RE: Hello Just Joined - Mustangmike - 07-06-2018

Very sweet ride Tom!

RE: Hello Just Joined - Candyred69Mach1 - 07-07-2018

(07-06-2018, 08:10 PM)Mustangmike Wrote: Very sweet ride Tom!


RE: Hello Just Joined - Steven Harris - 07-13-2018


Very nice Mach 1!