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New Member - WVRoush - 04-19-2018

[attachment=12525][attachment=12524]Hello, new members here from West Virginia! My husband and I have two Mach I's, a '69 with 428 SCJ and '70 with 351C. The '69 is all matching numbers and undergoing a complete restoration. The '70 is currently going through a restomod. We also have a '14 Roush Stage 3 convertible, and 6 other vehicles! ?

RE: New Member - JTS71 Mach1 - 04-20-2018

Can you say WOWSA!!! Most people long for just one, but two Mach1's, and from the pictures they both look pretty damn good. You're either Lucky, or Rich, possibly both. Welcome and join in. Good people, and lots of info. Again Welcome. 


RE: New Member - Mustangmike - 04-20-2018

Welcome to the site.  Both are good looking cars!  There is no doubt in my mind your family loves Mustangs!  What condition is the 69 in that it needs a complete restoration?  I would guess you're going in the direction of a concourse restoration with that car.

RE: New Member - MachnVegas - 04-21-2018

You're welcome to post more pics.


RE: New Member - Dave R. - 04-21-2018

Welcome to the forum WVRoush. Congrats on a great collection of Mustangs. The question is begging to be asked so here goes. Any relation to Jack? He is from Manchester, Ohio not far from WV or am I reading too much into your user name? We love pictures here.  Good luck.    Dave R.