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introduction - goldmach1 - 04-02-2018

Hello I am a new member today first time I ever get on a classic Mustang forum hope I don't mess this up but here goes.  I am an original owner of a 1970 Mach 1 that was built 10/8/1969 at the Metuchen facility. My wife and I have driven this car since and will till we die.  I have restored as needed all along the way some with NOS some with modern stuff.  Sometimes I need help with tech question and look forward to speaking to other owners. thanks

RE: introduction - 1969_Mach1 - 04-02-2018

Welcome.  For me, it's always more exciting when we get a new member with a 1969 or 1970 Mach 1.  I like the 1970 graphics more than the 1969 graphics on Mach 1's.  But I like the front of the 1969 more than the 1970.  When you get some time, upload some pictures.

RE: introduction - Rare Pony - 04-02-2018

Welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly members here so don't be shy about asking any question. Since you have owned yours since new you may have some valuable information for us too!  Looking forward to seeing pictures.

RE: introduction - JTS71 Mach1 - 04-03-2018

Welcome! Good people Lots of info, jump in anytime. We like Pictures. Again Welcome. 


RE: introduction - Mustangmike - 04-03-2018

Welcome to the site and glad you found us.  As others mentioned, you may be just as valuable to us being an original owner of your Mach 1.  You are in a small class of people who had the foresight to keep your car all these years. I bet you had several offers to sell over the years.

There are plenty of members here to help with any technical or general questions.  Please post a picture of your car when you get a chance.