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Hi there - digadam - 03-10-2018

Thought I'd join in the fun.  My name is Adam and I own a 72 Mach 1.  The paint colour is a Dodge Vyper Tangerine.  I think it goes well with the matt black mach 1 accents.  i live in Australia.  Hard to get parts here and would appreciate any tips on good places to get them.  I travel to the US every couple of years.



RE: Hi there - Rare Pony - 03-10-2018

Welcome to the site. Nice Mach 1. 

Ohio Mustang has both new and used parts and the owner is very helpful. I've also used CJ Pony parts.

RE: Hi there - JTS71 Mach1 - 03-11-2018

Welcome, we have several members on here from Austraila. Oz Trailer. Mach 1 Father Figure, to name a few I know I'm forgetting several. Welcome and Jump in anytime as we could use some new blood, and give us old timers something to talk about. 


RE: Hi there - Mustangmike - 03-11-2018

Welcome to the site Adam.  I like the paint color and it does compliment the matte black nicely.  From the picture the paint almost looks like the medium copper color Ford offered in 73. Was this car a project car for you?


RE: Hi there - Steven Harris - 03-12-2018

Welcome Adam.

Great to have you join with us.

From the snow and the other Ford Super Duty in the picture I will venture that the picture was taken in the U.S.

Do you have the car in Australia now?

Very nice looking car.

What part of Australia do you call home.  I am actually on my way over tomorrow!