Posted by: White Hawk Mach 1 - 05-18-2022, 05:28 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (2)

Just wanted to get on and introduce myself. My name is Brandon. I live in Brevard County, FL. I just purchased and took delivery of a 2022 Mach 1. Look forward to meeting new people and diving back into the mustang world. It’s been many years since I have owned a mustang. Glad to be back in the community of Mustang owners.

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Posted by: carguy47 - 03-22-2022, 10:13 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (1)

Hello y'all. New here. Found this site while searching for '71 Mach 1 parts, so I figured I would give it a go!

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  Just New. Mach 1 and plus 1 72
Posted by: Ponyup65 - 03-06-2022, 04:59 PM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (1)

Greetings far and near. 
Excited to sign up and chat about my 72 Mach1 and to keep it company open in the garage is a 72 Vert. 
My name is Art P and it’s nice to meet all. 

Pictures coming soon. 


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  New here
Posted by: Eddy K - 02-27-2022, 08:40 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (2)

Hello, I'm new to this group and am the owner of a 1972 Mach 1 which I bought new. I've since restored it and added FiTech fuel injection along with Hooker headers, Motorsport cam, 70 heads  Edelbrock intake, Jegs 2800 converter, B&M TransPak shift kit and MSD Ignition with the billet distributor. Although I have a 427 Cobra replica and a 15 Mustang GT. The 72 is my favorite. Glad to be a part of this group

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  New member and Mach 1 owner
Posted by: bterry29 - 02-01-2022, 12:55 PM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (3)

Hello all.   New

I'm glad to find a site for Mach 1 owners.  I purchased my 2021 Shadow Black Mach 1 with handling package a week ago.  This is my 7th Mustang and I'm very excited about it.  The fact it has components from the Bullitt, GT350 and GT500 really intrigued me.  I especially like the extra HP.  I'm still in the break in period but am anxious to really see what it can do.  

Thanks for letting me join.  I'm excited to have other 2021 Mach 1 owners to ask questions and share information.

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  New Mach 1
Posted by: Mlebout - 01-29-2022, 08:11 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (4)

I purchased a 2021 Mach 1 this morning.  Because of my location I'll only be able to pick it up in a couple of months.

This will be my 3rd Mustang. First one was actually my Mother's, a 1978, I was 17 or 18 and in my opinion the ugliest Mustang ever made.  But, sure was fun to drive.  2nd was a 2015 GT.

Cannot wait to go pick it up.



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  New Member with New Mach1
Posted by: BigE - 01-27-2022, 07:23 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (2)

New Howdy.  New member here just introducing myself.  I am a gear head who likes all kinds of makes and models but tends to migrate to the Blue Oval when time to purchase a new ride or project.  My latest addition to my stable is a new 2021 Mach1. I have owned many Mustangs but this is my first Mach1.  I have only owned it for a few weeks but I can already tell it will be one of my favorites.  Anyway.... thanks for allowing me to join.

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  New member from Virginia, 23322
Posted by: seu318 - 01-23-2022, 11:22 PM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (3)

Hello - - Chesapeake, Virginia checking in.   New  So glad I found this site.  Got a manual 2004 Mach 1 with 186K miles and a 2007 Shelby GT500 with 101K on the clock.   Wanting to pull the Mach valve covers to replace the lash adjusters and check rollers (tracking a rattle noise that only happens under load - not bad - just feel like at that mileage - it probably won't hurt - and i know the valve cover job can be brutal).   Already found some great info here.

Back in the day I had two 1973 Mach 1's and loved 'em.    Bought a 351C 4V 4speed from the original owner when i was 16 in 1983.   Loved that car.   Later bought a 302 auto Mach.   Kinda wish I had them both back.     Picked up my '04 with 178K on it and have been working thru all kinds of preventative maintenance to keep it running good.  Some minor wear on the drivers seat bolster - but no rips which I think is pretty cool with that kind of use and mileage - and does not appear to have ever had seats replaced.   To be honest - I actually enjoy, and find myself taking the Mach out more than my GT500.   Looking forward to mining this site for info and tips.

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  1970 Sportsroof, 351C, Shaker and more
Posted by: Tim - 11-08-2021, 08:35 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (7)

But not a Mach 1. I'll post the Marty Report later. Do I still qualify to be a memberWink

This car is a keeper, original Gold Paint, with blackout striping without the engine size, all the Mach 1 options without the Mach 1. I have questions about exhaust outlets and hood locks. My hood has three holes around one larger hole, maybe 3/4 wide. Waht kind of hood looks did this car come with?

Lastly, what 1970 Mustang Fact book, Parts book with details would you suggest?

Your vehicle was equipped with the following features:
- Black Hood Stripe
- Evaporative Emission System
- Traction-Lok Differential
- F70X14 Belted Raised White Letter Tires
- Collapsible Spare Tire
- Shaker Hood Scoop
- Sport Deck Rear Seat
- Power Front Disc Brakes
- Power Steering
- Air Conditioner - SelectAire
- AM Radio
- Intermittent Windshield Wipers
- Decor Group
- Argent Styled Steel Wheels
- Competition Suspension
- Tachometer


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  MAch 1 ordered May 8 2021, Still waiting!!!
Posted by: Big Joe - 10-23-2021, 03:31 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (6)

Hi everyone,   
I'm new to this site.  I ordered a mach 1 on May 8, 2021 Velocity Blue in color with most options except navigation, Brembo covers and Recaros. Originally ford sent me an email
stating that the order was accepted, issued me an order # and a vin # of the Mach 1 to built the week of Sept. 27. Well since then the build date has been move later 6
Times. The last build date I received on October 21 stated the the week the car would be built is now December 6. I was wondering if anyone else is in this same situation as I am? I'm concerned that Ford will push me into a 2022 Model when I ordered a 2021 Also the Velocity Blue color is no longer available as an option for 2022. I
emailed a Ford representative to see if I can get some confirmation that this order will be fulfilled, but there has been no reply as of yet.

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