Posted by: jean christophe - 10-17-2019, 10:30 PM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (9)

Hello my name is jean Christophe.

I live in france and i own a 1969 mustang MACH 1 . I registered on your forum, dedicated to mach 1 model, because there are none in France.

thank you for welcoming me to your group.


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Bug 73 Mustang Noob
Posted by: da55 - 10-10-2019, 10:37 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (19)

Good Evening,

My name is David, 28 years old, as of 10/8/19 I became the owner of my dream car. I have been in LOVE with the Ford Mustang Mach 1 since i was 10 years old, specifically the 71-73 models. I picked it up here in Texas, paid a guy to cover my shift just so i could drive at 0600 to go and see it and buy it. 
It needs work, rusted in a good handful of places, but it runs great, interior is good too. I want to get it 110% mechanically and then worry about the cosmetics. Ive been doing some research on it, its a 1973 Mustang Mach 1, but the VIN says its a Mustang Fastback 1973 out of Dearborn, Michigan. Its a 351 V8 2 barrel.
I have several questions, but the biggest one is this:

Whats the difference between a Mustang Fastback and Mustang Mach 1 on the VIN? Ive tried searching for specifics but no luck. 

Did I buy a Mustang Fastback or Mustang Mach 1?

Thanks in advance, i iook forward to this community.

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  New owner of my dream car
Posted by: Walter1959 - 09-30-2019, 02:24 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (2)

1971 Cant wait to get started on my Mach1 journey.

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  New member
Posted by: DougR04 - 08-31-2019, 11:08 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (3)

Hello,  I'm the proud owner of a Black Clearcoat 2004 Mach 1 that I've owned it since 2007 with just 92K miles on the clock and still looks and runs great!!!

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  20 Year Old and just bought a Mach 1
Posted by: Jonner B - 08-10-2019, 09:54 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (6)

Hello!  I am Jon.  I am 20 years old from Canada.  
I am new to this group and I just bought my second mustang.  First was 2004, and now I bought a 1971 Mach 1.  It needs paint and nothing else.  
Underneath looks brand new, with not a single spot of rust!  I am going to paint it, and put new tires on her.  

I am picking it up tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck.

[Image: %24_35.JPG][Image: %24_35.JPG]

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  Extra parts
Posted by: kiteboarder ken - 08-05-2019, 12:57 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (1)

Hello all!   Kiteboarder Ken here.   I have had my 69 Mach 1 S code since I was 15  years old (40 years ago!) My dad bought it for me for $800.  She has had a 428CJ in her with a shaker for about 35 years that I got out of another Mach that I bought for $250!!  The whole car, not just the engine.  Yes back in high school,  I purchased several Mustangs and never paid more than $250 for them.   Anyway,  I have a lot of extra small parts and some larger ones, that I will never use and would like to find a good home for them.   I live in Tampa and if anyone has been looking for anything, please let me know.  I don't mind mailing some some parts but I don't really have the time to deal with the larger ones.  Will trade parts for beer.   

Partial list:  seat belts, window parts, starter FE, flywheel for automatic, radio bezel, misc. interior parts,  the metal pieces that go on top of door panels for a convertible, various lights  etc.   I also have for some reason the metal part that goes on inside windshield for a convertible  but I think its is for a 67/68.    Most parts are original, some in very good condition, some not so great.

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  New Member and 69 Mach 1 owner
Posted by: Jenkinsb - 07-18-2019, 11:12 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (3)

I’m new to the collector/classic car world.  I’ve been searching for the right Mustang for a while now and found mine last month.  Happy to be here and very happy to finally be the owner of one.

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  headers for 1969 mach 1
Posted by: rango-jr - 05-30-2019, 09:57 PM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (15)

thanks for inviting me to the club i have a 1969 mustang mach 1 finally after almost 40 years of wanting one I am close to getting it on the road but i am having issues with the headers it has a 4v 351cleveland engine the original engine the 351w is damaged beyond repair since i had the Cleveland already to go i drop it in with the c4 until i can get the windsor and fmx transmission repaired or replaced do any one knows of what brand of header will fit i have tried the flow tech 12118FLT but they are hitting the steering box and the passenger side possible issue with steering arm thanks if anyone has been through this could you help lead me into the right direction on what brand of headers that will fit a 351 cleveland 4v into a 1969 mach 1 thanks

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  new member
Posted by: ep-mach1 - 03-02-2019, 04:05 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (3)

hello I am Ep and I live in the Netherlands, my first mach1 was from 1975 and bought it in 1980, my 2nd mach1 was from 1969 and I bought it in 1991, the 3rd mach1 is from 76  I bought last year, I will drive in 2 months after part restoration. I have had many other fords, pick-up, ranchero, s, mustang targa 2.

I still have the 75 and 69 mach1

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  1971 moch 1
Posted by: - 02-27-2019, 02:03 AM - Forum: WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE ! - Replies (16)

Good morning   New owner of a 1971 Moch1 super cobra jet  Getting it ready to paint and do original decals etc  Has ram air 429 with gear drive large cam with stall convertor a c6 tranny with extra plate traction masters. Original owner built it from scratch 33 years ago  Never dragged  Original engine was 351  Dont know a lot about these cars so will be looking for info.  Will be yellow and black hood and trunck wing. Thanks you   Gary Sanders

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