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Full Version: Shaker setup
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I dont have a shaker but would like one. Has anyone tried any after market setups ? If so how was the quality and fitment ?
Never seen one in person but often thought it would be a nice addition to my Mach. Although I would hate to loose the turn signals in the back of the scoop thats on it now.

Only thing I have ever heard is some people were afraid that the fiberglass wouldn't like the heat. Not sure if it was from experince or not.

Have you been to this site?
Thats the site that got me interested. I would also miss the turn lights.
I have one of these on my 70 mach 1. The heat has not affected it at all. I have added a snorkel, flapper setup, breather tube, and side plug. You will not be unhappy with the quality or fit. Mine is for the small block, 351W.