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Just wanted to get on and introduce myself. My name is Brandon. I live in Brevard County, FL. I just purchased and took delivery of a 2022 Mach 1. Look forward to meeting new people and diving back into the mustang world. It’s been many years since I have owned a mustang. Glad to be back in the community of Mustang owners.
Welcome to the Club! a "22" Mach 1,  Nice we've got a few members with 21's but you're the first 22. Is there much difference? As from what the other members have said it's quite a piece of equipment. Welcome and we are all relying on the new guys to tell us all we need to know. Unfortunately it's been a little quiet on the New Mach1 Homefront ??? Where'd everybody go??? We can't learn if you guy's don't chat them up.  Thumbup  Also cool Screen name "White Hawk"

Anyway Welcome and we'll see if we can stir the rest of the New Guy's

Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Be sure to post up pics.