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Full Version: Britain to ban the sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid cars
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Feb. 4, 2020, 5:34 AM MST
By Rachel Elbaum and Reuters
LONDON — Britain will ban the sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid vehicles from 2035, five years earlier than planned, in an attempt to reduce air pollution and fossil fuel emissions, the government announced on Tuesday.
Britain's step amounts to a victory for electric cars that if copied globally could hit the wealth of oil producers, as well as transform the car industry and one of the icons of 20th Century capitalism: the automobile itself.

The U.K. isn’t alone in its efforts. More than a dozen countries around the world have announced plans to crack down on new sales of gas and diesel vehicles in the next decade or two. France plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2040 and Norway's Parliament has set a non-binding goal that by 2025 all cars should be zero emissions.

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Yikes, I've been reading several articles on this subject. "Saving the Planet" is the main reason they claim, for furthering this agenda, of doing away with our beloved "cars" as we know them. I've always kind of thought the climate change thing, wasn't so much man created, as it was this planet simply going through the normal changes. Just as it has for millions of years before we got here. 
   Don't get me wrong, I'm blown away by the performance abilities of the electric vehicles. As I'm sure most of us have seen the videos of the Tesla's whipping Hellcats, and such. But there's no "Soul". Electric cars are cold, and heartless. They don't scare the piss out of you with the brutality, and unruliness of a good ole V8 monster, being bang shifted, with 600 +Hp, and a 5 Speed stick. Fighting for traction, getting sideways, with each gear change. Gears When electric cars can duplicate the seat of the pants, Scare the "Hell" out of you ! Then maybe I'll take notice. Until then, I'll keep breathing exhaust fumes, Thank You.

The next thing is "What do we do with all of these non-recyclable batteries from these hybrids?"