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Full Version: Ford Mustang: An epic 50 year journey
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On April 17th, 1964 the Ford Mustang was unveiled to the public for the first time and the car instantly became a sensation. Popularity was so strong that dealers took about 22,000 orders on the first day alone, making the Mustang the most successful vehicle ever launched in history, a title it still holds to this day fifty years later. Mustang fever was so great that there are stories of dealers being swamped by eager customers wanting to buy a Mustang of their own. Many dealerships had to close their doors fearing that potential customers would overrun the dealership, injuring staff and damaging vehicles in their mad rush to buy the car.

Some dealers were selling cars to the highest bidder, while others would take as many orders and healthy deposits as they could that first day. Legend has it that one customer even stayed with his new Mustang going as far as sleeping in it while waiting for his cheque to clear fearing that the dealership would sell his new car out from under him. So why was the Mustang so popular? What would cause such euphoria over an automobile? To understand you have to look back upon American society in 1964.

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