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Full Version: Hood Stripe removal
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I was wondering if there is any risk to paint in removing Hood Stripe on 70 Mach1 so as to upgrade the stripe to include the 351 numerics.  The Stripes currently looking to replace/upgrade on hood are the black borders on either side of large solid black strip under simulated air scoop.  Thanks for any advice. Confused
Yes there is the potential for damage! The most effective way I've found was using a plastic scraper, and a heat gun. You'll have to work an edge loose after applying heat, and pull up on the stripe, and use the scraper to help lift the stubborn spots. It depends on how long the stripes have been on the car, as they harden slightly over time, and can be a real bugger to to get off without paint damage. With a little patience, and heat they will usually come off. If not I've done them with a single edge razor blade, but almost "always" caused damage so I don't really suggest that . Hope it helps. 

Many Thanks for your reply and advice.