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Full Version: repair book
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Looking for a good repair manual for 72 mach 1 any suggestions?
I just bought this one today off ebay. I also talked with Don at OhioMustang today and he says they do have them for year specific. I hope to get more info soon on this.
I have the original six volume set of Ford Factory Repair Manuals for my 73 Mustang. These are available for 72's. I've seen them on eBay before and they are available scanned onto CD Roms.

These manuals cover all Fords for the specific year you buy.

The hard copies are separate volumes: Engine, Body, Chassis, Electrical. Volume 5 is a Pre-delivery Maintenance & Lubrication and Volume 6 is Engine and Emmission System Diagnosis. My original set also has a large separate fold out wiring diagram. I'm pretty sure the 72 set had these also.

Good luck with your search.

Here is one vendor for the CD Roms: