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Full Version: Why I love My 71 grabbergreen ?
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Good question, some days I hate It, but its so cool you cant hate it for long. well I guess I always wanted to own a classic and make it my own but didn't know what to own or rebuild, but then it hit me, I always loved the Mustangs, My mom had one, I found this 71 Mach just being in the right place and the right time. it was in a barn for 37 years inspection sticker still in the window from 1978, all original, paint, engine, trans, Basically hosed it off and it looked good. anyways if your going to own a Bike it should be a Harley, if your going to own a classic it should be a Mustang...
Welcome Scott...No argument hear on the color Grabber Green. Although I do not own a motorcycle I would have to agree a Harley is the one to have. Please share some pictures of your 71 Mach, we would love to see it!
Welcome Scott.

Hard to argue with your philosophy on owning a classic.

Enjoy the site.
Welcome Scott Agree Nothing wrong with your logic. JTS 71 Mach1