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Full Version: Wiper adjustment
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Hello. I have a 71 mach, and the wipers when in the off position are too high up on the windshield. I have the arms adjusted as far as I can go with the basic adjustment it still need the wipers to be 6-8 inches lower. My armature rods were damaged and I replaced them with a used set and that did not help. Is there anyway to adjust them? Or the at rest point on the wiper motor?
This should be any easy fix. As the wiper arms are splined, and allow for setting in many various positions. Remove the arms from the transmission/ post. Start the wipers and run for several cycles, then turn off. When the wiper assemblies stop moving, place your wipers arms in the general location as low on the windshield as you can, then push them down over the post. Sometimes you may have to move them slightly to get them on to the splines. Run them several cycles. And with a little trial and error you should be able to get them to stop where you want them. If that doesn't work you may have something broken or worn out badly??? Let us know if that helps. JTS 71 mach1
That's the issue, I have already made that adjustment. I am wondering if there is a way to adjust the stop points of the wiper motor itself, I believe the armature rods will go all the way down but the wiper motor sets the start and stop points
HUH! Undecided that's a weird one. All wiper motors, set the stop points. Its built into them so there is no adjustment. Have you tried a different motor? It may have an internal problem in the park mechanism causing it??? JTS 71 Mach1
The original armature and motor were bad so I replaced them both. Here is a photo where they stop.
It sounds like the wipers are not going into the "park" position. When they're running and you turn them "off", what exactly happens? You should actually see the wiper arm move in or out at some point (I can't remember which way it goes but it should be noticeable). There are 2 switches that can go bad and cause the parking motion not to happen. One is in the wiper motor and the other is the one in the dashboard itself.

There is a complete diagnostic procedure in the shop manual. If you go through this I bet you'll find the culprit. These cars are REALLY simple to fix. My guess is a bad switch on the dash especially since you already replaced the wiper motor. Don't completely rule that out though because you may have installed a motor that has a bad switch.
Something that just occurred to me. SCo_hmmthink I believe the Mustang had what they called hide away wipers? They were supposed to go down when turned off, and hide under the back edge of the hood??? I think??? Could be you have an incorrect motor. I can't be sure if they had this or not??? But I think so. Maybe Don At Ohio Mustangs would know for sure, Click on his user name and it should give you his contact info., and give him a call. He'll know. Hope this helps JTS 71 Mach1
Yeah that's what I was saying - the wipers on a '71-'73 don't just "stop" at their lowest position when you turn them "off"; they "park". The output arm on the motor actually moves in (or out) and then it rotates to the "park" position.
The wipers start and stop automatically and the new motor is identical to the original that was date stamped 1971, but they start and stop at the wrong points. I will do some research and hopefully will be able to get it resolved.
It sounds as if you have gotten great help.

Here's hoping you will be able to sort out the culprit.

Keep us posted.
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