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Full Version: Happy birthday Steven Harris
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Happy birthday Steven, hope you have a good day and hope you are doing well SSp_happybday2
Happy Birthday Steven...enjoy your day!!
Happy birthday Steven
Happy B-Day, Steven! Hope you're having a GREAT day! Clap_
Eusa_dance Hope your day was Great! Happy Birthday my friend. JTS 71 Mach1
So - unusual for me but I have not had an opportunity to get on the site till now - 8:38 PM here in Mexico.

Thank you for the kind wishes and Steve O, thanks for making the special effort to recall the date.

It's the big 50 for me today and it has been a very good day spent with our church folks here in our mission work in Mexico. They really went out of their way to help celebrate the "pastor's" birthday with a fiesta (piƱata and all).

My wife and daughter gave me a 3,500 # winch for my trailer which I take means that purchasing more projects is acceptable. Biggrin

Thank you so much guys - I am truly blessed.

Enjoy a few of today's pictures. Sorry no Mach1's.
Thanks for sharing a few pictures of your big day looks like you are surrounded by beautiful people having great time. It doesn't get better than that!
Congrats and MANY happy returns.

Thanks again for getting me registered here.

Hope you enjoyed your day.

Happy Birthday again Steven from your slack aussie mate who still hasn't sent you an email .

Hope you have a great day.
Well darned if another year hasn't passed already. Here's a Happy Birthday wish That's been a Year in the Making! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Steven.
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