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Full Version: Vacuum Tree Hose Connections?
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In my reassembly of my 70 Mach 1engine compartment I cannot remember the hose connections going to and from the vacuum tree that is located on the engine compartment firewall. (My car has not been together for over 9 years.)

The vacuum tree has 6 ports of which 2 are larger. I'm assuming that the larger ports are used to provide manifold vacuum thru the tree to the power brake booster, but I am not sure. My car has power brakes, AC, a heater water control valve and carbon canister which all should use vacuum in some way.

I cannot find any of this info in either the Ford shop manual or the Mustang Restoration Guide.

I would appreciate it if anyone can provide a description or photo of the hose routings to and from the vacuum tree.

This is the vacuum tree.
Since there are six possible connections and 3 are blocked off, I am guessing the remaining ports "possibly" go to the intake manifold, transmission, and brake booster.

Any other suggestions.
I may have found the answer in the MRE books wiring and vacuum diagrams.

Looks like larger connections are to the intake manifold and power brake booster as I suspected. The smaller open connection goes to the second port on the carbon canister. The remaining 3 smaller ports are unused.

If anyone has different connections on their car, please post what you have.


P.S. It also seems I installed the vacuum tree upside down as shown in my photo. At least I had a 50-50 chance! LOL.