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Full Version: Back to the drawing board
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Well it was a sad day today as I watched my 73 be loaded onto a flatbed truck and hauled away. Didn't think I was too attached to it yet. I really wanted a 69 even if it was a resto, but couldn't pass up the deal on the 73. Now looking forward I have a little more money to spend on the car I always wanted. 23_30_106

I had to wait before responding in order to get over my anger for having betrayed a fellow 73. Biggrin

Of course - just joking. I am happy for you. Glad that you have had the opportunity to climb the ladder of Mach 1 ownership.

Do you have a 69 in mind or is the hunt all new?
(04-05-2012, 08:16 AM)Steven Harris Wrote: [ -> ][size=large][color=#FFA500][b]Scott,

I had to wait before responding in order to get over my anger for having betrayed a fellow 73. Biggrin

SO SORRY STEVE I was worried it might ruffle some feathers. Hairpull Don't get me wrong, I really did like the look of my 73, but I have always wanted a 69. The cost difference drove me to buy the 73, and the opportunity to make a small profit (3k) towards what I really wanted drove me to sell it. It was however my first Mach1 and I will always have a place for the original gas cap (He he he) on my work bench. It obviously was not a numbers matching car anyways (was a 302) with the 351 windsor motor. The hunt starts tonight!!! Thank you for all of your help Steve!! I love the atmosphere that you and everyone on this site creates. I have never found a site that even comes close to being as friendly and undiscriminatingly (lol...I think that's a word...right?) helpful as this one! I will definelty keep everyone up to date on my hunt
No worries - it's all good.

When I bought my 73 I was actually looking at a 69. I love the 69 and had one back in the day. Mind you, I have yet to drive mine but I have to say that at this time in my life I have fallen in love with the lines of the 71/73's. Of course I would never pass up a 69. I just haven't found a way to own both.

Thanks for the kind comments on the site.

Please keep us posted and to how your hunt continues. 3 K will help ease the pain on the way to the 69!
Dammit Steven, Go jump in your time machine and grab that 69 mach1 thats in the pic for me!!!! Just kidding 578254 Thats what I'm looking for.
That one would be a return time capsule to the late 70's early 80's for sure.

390, 4 speed no quarter rot although I did replace the floor pans.
With a 390? Wow!! I found a 69 Gt 390 fastback but they wanted 11,500 for it and it was in rough rough shape. The hunt continues Eusa_dance
(04-08-2012, 11:59 AM)snellet Wrote: [ -> ]With a 390?

It was an original 351W car but came to me without a motor. I found a good deal on a 390 and made new saddle mounts and sat it in.

I must say that it was a tight fit and I do like the room in the 71/73's. Keep looking, something will come along and now you can look a little higher on the list!
[attachment=7913]Icon_tongueGood luck on your search for a 69 Mach 1. I had one those before I ordered my 73 Mach 1. I wish I still had the 69,It had a 351 Windsor 3 speed.but not much else .When I ordered my 73 Mach 1 I got all the bells and whistles. But not the horses I wanted. All I could get was a 351 Cleveland and I wanted a 429 but the government had decided to cut back on horsepower. It has been a great car and I will probably be buried in it. No one of the kids will get it.
Hopefully you will find a 69 soon so you will not be without a Mach 1 for long. Keep us posted on your search.