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Full Version: Gauge Cluster Wiring
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Hello All. I'm new to this site and very anxious to learn about the talents here. I have some interesting 69-70 projects as well as bone stock big block unmolested Mach's. Love the cars with a passion.

Here's my question. I am working on my 70 convertible and updated the dash cluster. The "Wiring Plug" that snaps into the back of the cluster can be installed either way (up or down). Does anyone know which side is the top? I noticed that they are numbered but haven't a clue of the direction.

Here's a picture of the dash (not the back).
[Image: Photo_Shoot_5.jpg]

Wow what a ride.Not a clue as to what to tell you.i have a 73 and i guess your best bet is waiting til someone with a 70 can tell you.i have wiring diagrams for a 73,not that i can read it well but i have been trying.Plus it does not seem to be so detailed to instruct one which way the plug goes.i guess they did not think to make the plug un symetrical back then.I believe help is on the way,this is a great site and welcome to it.
Cobraman that is sweet! Thmbsup Show us more pictures! Most of my knowledge as limited as it is, is for 71-73.
Welcome to the site! Great looking dash and exterior. I have a 73 and if my memory is correct it only plugs in one way, so i'm not much help to you either on that question. Another member with a 69 or 70 should be along that may have the answer to your question.

Welcome Cobraman,

It looks like I will not be any more help to you than the others - stay tuned - someone with that knowledge will be along shortly.

Anyway, welcome! That is a lot of quality work put into that car. Very nice.