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I have a 72 Mach1, 351cj. When I bought it (2 months ago) it had a timing retard/advance control, for drag racing. It is unattractive and doesn't seem to work, so it's outta here! So far I've removed the under hood box, I took pictures and marked hook-ups for future reference. My car has a MSD hei distributor with a MSD Blaster 2 coil. My question is what color wire, from the stock harness, hooks up to the positive (+) pole of the coil, and where does it trace back to? What about the negative (-) wire?
My guess is red is +.but then i am not +.again this one should be easy for our more knowledgeable members,i am sure you will get more + answers.
Here is a diagram from my 73 Shop Manual. This section is for the Resistance Wire Installation, but shows the coil wires. The color code for the wires is in the upper right corner of the diagram. The diagram is labeled for Mustang and Cougar w/Tach. If this does not help I have an oversize wiring diagram I may be able to pull out later and take a picture of it. Hope this helps:

[Image: DSCF1845.jpg]
Thanks a bunch. That diagram is just what I was looking for!

Great, I'm glad I could help keep the frustration level down a little bit!