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Full Version: EZ Wiring Harness Rewire
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Has anybody used EZ Wiring to rewire their entire car? And If So where do you start and how do you wire up the ignition and such? Would it be wise to put the new wires into the stock plugs the way they are with the original wires or would it be ok just to cut them off and put the new wires to the old wires going to the plugs (ex: Headlights, taillights etc.). If the first option is the best, how do you get the old wires out and what would you need to put the new wires into the plugs. Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is in the 1973 Mustang Mach 1.
I've still have my original wiring in my 73 Convertible, but another member may have some advice for you.
You definitely don't want to make any splices. All splices are #1 more work, and #2 potential problems for corrosion down the road.

I am not familiar with the EZ wiring but it would surprise me that the new wiring does not include new junction blocks. Most plugs have a little catch that with a very small slotted screw driver, paper clip, wire tester, etc. can be released so that the wires pull out of the plug.

I have not done any re-wiring on my 73 Mach 1 but on my son's 71 Maverick we worked with both the original wiring as well as the wiring harness from the 91 Mustang fuel injection system.
Any idea on how to put the harness into the Ignition switch?
I have used EZ wire harness on my street rod but not on the mustang.I have the Haywire harness for the mach havent put it in yet most of the come with the correct connectors for the vehicle.I will do some checking.They sould be just a spade connector follow the instructions with harness they are acurate in my opinion.You need to go along the terminal side not the wire side with a small screw drive pocket one is what I use.You will need a wiring diagram for your car to comare where the wires go but the new harness is marked on the wires about every inch.Hope this helps.Jim
Is there enough wire to run taillights and headlights up/down their respected sides of the car? I figured that would look a little bit cleaner instead of running it all the way across the front of the car.
I started rewiring today, and got the rear end complete I hope. lol
How did it all go? Did you find that you had enough wire length to wire the car like you originally wanted?
Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner but I ran mine down the drivers side and cut alot off.I guess you figured out by now the do an awesome job of labeling and giving enough to do the job.
(08-16-2011, 11:01 AM)Steven Harris Wrote: [ -> ]How did it all go? Did you find that you had enough wire length to wire the car like you originally wanted?

I just ran the wires like they were originally ran.

And they did do a good job at labeling the wires, but I did a bad job at reading which one it was before i started connecting wires. lol. So it took me a couple of tries before i got it going right. Also, there was no brake light wire, so what am i supposed to do? is it just run through either the park light wire or the blinker wire?
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