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Full Version: "Clevor" Engine Build?
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Sorry if I just missed it, but I haven't seen any articles here about building a "Clevor" motor. Has anyone built such a beast?

I'm not sure if a classic Mach 1 would be the best platform, but I've long wanted to bolt a set of 351C Aussie heads to a 351W block and see what she'd do. There's a Ford performance shop in Denver that sells intake manifolds for such applications. Heck, I'm pretty sure they sell entire Clevor kits.

I'm not sure why the 351W block would be better than the 351C block. Are there other advantages than weight savings? I've heard people suggest oiling challenges with the Cleveland block. But I suspect that's just smack talk.

What say you guys?
Check out this thread and talk to HotRod71. It looks as though he should be able to fill you in on the "clevor"
New member here, just saw this thread and wanted to chime in. I have a 351W based 427 stroker "clevor" engine in my 70 Mach and I learned so much about these babies over the last few years..I know this thread was a bit older but feel free to shoot me any questions on the clevor.