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Full Version: Almost Free 351C engine in Virginia
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Almost Free 351C engine in Virginia
Buy me lunch, bring your own truck and engine lift and I would gladly give you the original 2 bolt main 2 bbl head Cleveland engine out of my 72 Mach1. It even has a nice Motorsport timing chain, 4 bbl oil pan with baffle, high volume pump and aluminum 4 barrel intake. Call me crazy but I'm building a house and it's sitting in the yard on a stand and it need to go to a good home. It ran about three years ago right up until the last lap I ran at VIR when it went silent. There was no noise or smoke or anything so it's probably something minor and it's never been rebuilt and had about 165K miles when it died. Please reply only if you have the means to come get it. I have a truck and would be willing to drive up to an hour from Vienna VA to take it to a new home. Email if you're interested.


P.S. - Even though it's the original motor I have had the car 29 years so I really will not miss the motor since I replaced it with a 4 bolt main 351CJ from a Pantera. I never plan to restore it back to show and show it that way so the motor is just taking up space. Hopefully somebody here locally can use it in a project - I hate to take it to the scrap yard. I'd like it gone within 2 months so there is no rush but it's first come first served.
Email sent!!
Looks like we have a taker for my old motor.

Thanks Rex, Hopefully I can teach my boys the basics about rebuilding an engine! See you soon.