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Full Version: 351C Intake
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Im thinking of replacing my intake to a Edelbrock RPM. The ports are small comparing to the head ports.
Would this intake be ok for a 351C 4V heads.

I cant advise on this one but Id be interested in the answer since Ill be heading that direction hopefully this year.
I'd like to throw my 2 cents worth in on this one, since I've been down this road. The only advantage you'll gain with this particular intake is a weight reduction. Believe it or not, the factory iron intake ('70-'71) flows much better. Depending on your intended use of the motor, ( I don't know what kind of rpm's you'll be turning) there are other alternative intakes such as Blue Thunder and Torker, but these are designed for higher rpm ranges, so streetability goes out the window. I've used the factory intakes and have only had to port-match them and do a minor polish and they work just fine with a 3:25 rear gear or higher on the street, plus you get to keep everything original-looking under the hood. Works for me.
In large part I agree with gxr. The stock intake works fine for most non-race applications. The Blue Thunder dual plane works great on stroker 351C or high RPM stock displacement engines. I do like the early 4V intakes (near square bore) better than the later spread bore intakes because no adaptor needed to run a holley 4150 series carb. Having said all of that, the air gap would "work". The fuel distribution balance may be better and runner velocity should be higher due to the smaller cross sectional area of the runners. Low speed torque might increase a very modest amount. However, Edelbrock chose to locate the port near the bottom of the 4V head port instead of the roof of the port. I think this makes the intake path take more of a turn rather than a straighter path to the intake valve. Why they chose to do this escapes me and their own dyno numbers are not impressive. Spend the money on something else on your list of things you'd like to do.

Good Luck, Chuck
I agree pretty much with everything everybody has said. Unless you have a cam change in mind too its hard to beet the stock 4bbl intake ( my preferance to is the square flange over the spreadbore flange style ) That being said though if you check ebay and find one a holley street dominator intake will make more torque and a bit more horsepower over stock even with port mismatch ( as this intake really has 2bbl runners ) It does add and also adds better drivability. I have proved that on a dyno. The bets manifold for clevlands bar none is the holley strip dominator open plennum intake but not to be used with a stock motor or you will wind up with driveability issues. The offy port -o-sonic is a great compromise to a opne plenum / dual plane style intake that gives both gains in bottom end a & top end, However again without a cam change you only get miniscule power gains. With a stock engine your biggest gain is weight savings with slight power gains. Not much bang for your buck unless you change cams. For whatever thats worth I hope it helps. I have used probably every intake ever made for the clevelands and numerous cam combos so if I can help in any way please contact me. By the way if you are contemplting a cam change than please consider CAM RESEARCH in Lakewood Colorado. THEY ONLY DO FORD CAMS period and they know there stuff. Scott is the ford guru and races them too. They grind their own cams. I cant say enough about them ! Great people and company. The other business together with cam research is MPG heads owned by the same guy. Great place !!
Thank you all for your input. I am installing a comp xe262 cam. The blue thunder has good write up.
Who sells the bluethunder.

The Blue Thunder dual plane works great on stroker 351C or high RPM stock displacement engines.