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Full Version: 351C head int/ex valves
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I have read the stock valves on the 351C heads are 2 piece and will come apart anytime and will damage the engine.

So what 1 piece stainless valves that are good and reasonable price to buy for a rebuild.

Another great question! Looks like we are heading down the same road. Be patient someone with knowledge will be around to answer this stuff. Gotta get past all these holidays first.
Typhoon it really depends on which valves you have. yes ford did use some 2 piece valves but usually you could tell looking at the head of the stem. If it looks like they have some sort of cap on it ( commonl called lash caps) they are indeed 2 piece valves. Alot depends on your intended use for the engine. I do not recomend multi groove valves ( grooves were the keeper goes) for any performance as they are prone to strip out. That being said I did in a pinch years ago run the factory multi groove keeper valves in a race motor 351 C running a very aggressive solid roller cam and I turned the engine to 7500 RPM's and it lived the whole year racing. I tore it down and replaced with single keeper groove valves at the end of the year. There was deffinate wear for sure on the stockers. So that being said stock valves if in good shape and doing a good valve job I would say are good for the life of your engine running to 6000-6500 RPM's with a med high performance cam. If you plan on more RPM's , racing, roller cams of any kind or higher lift cam or just for piece of mind I would recomend going with stainless single keeper groove valves. Ferra is a good and reasonable priced brand 5000 series is excellent for most street and mild racing and the 6000 series is their cadilac valve for serious street and racing applications. You can always find good deals on these on e-bay. I bought my set of 6000 series intake & exhaust for both heads for 225.00 and I am running a very aggresive solid roller cam turning the engine to 7500. . if you dont like ferra, manley or any good name brand will work well for you. Hope this helps and if I can help any more please let me know.
+1 on Ferrea 5000 series valves for street, 6000 for race. I've used both with no problems.