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Full Version: 351c intake
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Hi all, first post.

Looking for recommendations for a 351c early M-code. I like Edelbrock and will likely be using a 600 carb but I do have a 750. I just don't think I'll need that. So I guess my choices would be between the Perfomer, RPM and AirGap RPM. Any preferences?

Also looking at the Hooker 1 3/4" headers w/ magnaflows. Good choice?
I ran the edelbrock on my last mach with a 600 carb and no complaints.Welcome2 maybe someone else has other preferences.
Ok, but which one?
Sorry it was the performer and edelbrock 600cfm carb.
Great, thanks. Is yours an M code? Did you add headers or anything else?

I was thinking the air gap might really add some power and I'm sure it would fit under the hood but if I ever want to add a stock ram air I'm afraid it'll too far from where it needs to be.
If the stock intake is near square bore (early 351C-4V/M code). Open the two front holes to match the rear holes (die grinder/sanding rolls).install 1 inch open spacer for more higher rpm power or 1 inch 4 hole spacer for more low to mid range torque. The 600 will build more low speed torque, the 750 more mid and higher rpm power. Spend the money on the headers.

Good Luck, Chuck
Alot of it has to do with whats been done to the engine and were you want your power. Are you changing intake manifolds as well as carb or just carb ? In any instance Holley style carbs make more power than carter style ( edelbrock carbs) period no questions! However the carter style ( edelbrock carb ) is easier for most people to tune even if you are unfamiliar with carberators. As far as intakes go its hard actualy to beet fords stock 4bbl intake on the street, short of weight savings going to an alluminum intake and really only a small increase in performance with any of the alluminum intakes. I have spent many hours on a dyno playing with them. That being said if a cam change is on your list than by all means look at some aftermarket alluminum intakes as then you can get more benefits with them from your cam, otherwise a stock setup works about best with a stock intake.The offy portosonic intake is a good compromise between a dual plane intake and open plennum and adds both low end response and upper rpm power. If your stock intake is a spreadbore type I would look for the holley type to replace it as I like it better personally. As far as the best power output higher RPM intakes go bar none the old ( not produced anymore-look on e-bay till you get one) Holley Strip dominator open plenum intake is the bomb !! It litteraly rocks clevelands if your going to run them at higher RPM's. The Torker intake is a 2nd option and more readily available. If you want a intake for stock clevlands that is alluminum and will boost torque on the street in normal driving than a holley STREET dominator is a great one, dont worry about port mismatch as it has 2bbl ports on th runners which actually help the clevland with velocity through the head even if you have 4bbl heads, use the standard 4bbl intake gasket when installing it. One last word of advice is if you do change intakes dont use the rubber end seals, look for cork or make then out of silicone as the rubber ones usually squiss out and cause problems. I actually rough up the sealing surface of the block were they sit to improve holding ability and only use cork and have never had one spit out or a sealing problem. hope this helps!