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Full Version: 351 intake question
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Are different heads required to change a 351 cleveland from 2 brl to 4brl
? I have found a really sweet deal on a 351 clev but it is a 2 brl and I would really prefer a 4 brl. I have had different stories about if heads need to be changed and I just looking for an honest answer.

thanks in advance for the help
I'm not sure, but I think the exhaust openings are different. Which means the exhaust manifolds are specific to 2bbl vs 4bbl.

Come to think of it, every darn little thing on this 73 is unique. From the dual points to the antenna that doesn't go down, let alone the fenders, the grill and the front bumper.

Just my thoughts..
To be specific you can buy a aluminum 4 barrell intake to fit the 2v heads which for street use allows a little more low end torque. There is a definate difference in the 2 and 4 barrell cleveland heads. I don't remember the specs but the 2v heads are every bit as big as anything chevy ever made and the 4 v are just plain huge! The intakes won't fit due to the difference in port size, I can't remember about the stock exhaust manifolds but they make headers for both the 2v and 4v heads. Unless your are building a top end screamer 7000+ rpm the 2v heads with an aluminum 4 barrell and headers to match will do the job nicely.Cool
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