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Full Version: 351C Upgrade Carb
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Hello all,

New to the site. Reviewed multiple posts & I already feel right at home.Wink Well I have a 70 Mach 1 w/351 C. The car still has its original carb and its time to upgrade.

I wanted to get some suggestions on what I should upgrade to. I plan to drive the car on a regular and maybe in the future some autox. I was thinking an Edelbrock or Holley Carb?

Any suggestions please? Oh and I'll post pictures of my car soon.

Cant help on this one, Im still running my stock carb, figured Id look into thos when I get to the rebuild.

Glad u feel comfortable here, everyone is welcome here!
I was on the fence debating if I should rebuild mine but in the end it would probably cost me the same to buy a new one.

Pony Carbs is supposed to have a good reputation. The owner writes a regular article for the Mustang Club of America magazine, Mustang Times. Here is their website if your interested:
Wave Hey I'm assuming it's a four barrel carb. In my experience, which is in excess of 30 years, if you want to fiddle with it to keep it sharp buy the Holley. If you want to set it and forget it buy the Edelbrock.(virtually the same as a Carter AFB) My son had a new Holley on his 89 Mustang and it was not what it should have been even with tuning. It still lacked in the set it and forget it quality.We put a used Edelbrock on it and a couple jets changes and adjustments and it starts and runs the same everytime, Damn near as good as fuel injection HA HA! If the 351C was a four barrel from the factory Go for about 750. Believe me, it can handle it. The four barrel heads are amazing at what they can flow
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Ive also heard good things about Pony Carbs, I hear they are expensive but your carb will be like brand new when they are done. They put it through a pretty lengthy process.
Youre right about edelbrock carbs ( Carter style ) being a set it & forget it carb and easy to tune, however holley style carbs do make way more power than the same size edelbrock will. Also dont forget the holley style carbs that have been improved over the holleys for better set it and forget it running ( IE the barry grant carbs, the trick flow ect. ) I have had great luck running the barry grant carbs and their tech dept is fantastic in helping with selection. Dont hesitate to call. No matter what you choose any aftermarket carb" IS " better than fords stock carberator is period.
hello all,

Thank you for all the suggestions. At the moment I've had another car of mine take up all my time & money. I'm hoping to get a new carb soon. Ill consider everything everyone has mentioned.

I'm no carb expert by any means but the local shopkeep told me Holleys are infamous for blowback and worn gaskets. Can anybody shed light on this?
Yes to all the above!Awesome
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