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Full Version: Mach 1 Wrap Up - Fram's Airhog Ford Mustang Mach 1
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We Prepare The Fram Airhog For Its New Owner By Tuning Up The Engine And Suspension And Flogging It Harder On The Road Course.


Wow, if Fram's AirHog Mustang weren't a car, we'd almost feel sorry for it. It's been a brutal few months for the Competition Orange Mach 1, as we've beaten it on the dragstrip and road course multiple times and logged a couple thousand miles on the HOT ROD Power Tour, where the giveaway car served glorified rental-car duty for the editorial team. Since we purchased it from Galpin Ford in late March, we've rolled up nearly 4,800 miles, about 500 of which are bogus due to a speedo error we didn't correct until near the end of the Tour (more about that later), and never have a few weeks have gone by without a major modification to the car.

The Mach 1 was barely a week old before we tore the complete exhaust off and replaced it with a set of BBK long-tube headers, a BBK off-road X-pipe, and a Magnaflow stainless steel after-cat exhaust system that produced an extra 30 rear-wheel horsepower in conjunction with a Fram AirHog air filter, a larger BBK throttle-body, and BBK underdrive pulleys. Within weeks of that, we'd also swapped the stock 3.55:1 gears for 4.30s, the stock coils in favor of a set of Vogtland lowering springs, and the retro-inspired Magnum 500 look-alike wheels for more modern-looking 10th Anniversary Mustang Cobra wheels. We replaced the wasted stock rubber with wider and stickier Yokohama AVS ES100 radials too.