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Full Version: how much a 03/04 shaker??
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I would like to get some input of how much should I pay for a shaker in decent shape??
You can buy a new one for 795.00 here although not exactly for 03-04. Id call this company see if they can help.

Heres one made by the same company I mentioned above on ebay

I suppose it really comes down to is do you want a new one or are you willing to have one scratched up? I just searched on ebay and all I can find are brand new ones. SSig_goodluck

One other suggestion would be to call some junk yard parts hotline and see what you can track down that way. In Arizona when you call a junk yard here they put a call out on the radio that connects all the JY together to see if they can find the part.
yep I am going to check at the JY first and see what I can find... I am from AZ.... any suggestions on JY??
Wow really your from Arizona? Me too!

Im in Phoenix 7th Street and Bell Road area. Where you at?

Arizona Muscle Mart on 414 S. 59th ave. 602-233-0616 talk to Fidel, he speaks perfect English and seems to really know all Mustangs. They have about every Mustang you could be looking for. Lots of cars for sale and parts galore.

Cant promise they are still in business, I know when I was there in January 10, they were talking about closing down.

I am from the Yuma area... which is like 3 hours away from phoenix.. but I go to phoenix from time to time... I go to firebird... but not often...