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Full Version: A/C swap
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Hi. Is anyone knowledgeable about swapping the original a/c compressor with a newer, different one from a different car? What is invlolved and which car would the compressor be from? Thanks!! Attached is a pic of such a setup, but can't remember the website where this photo came fromHuh
Gosh I'm clueless, I don't have my AC working in my 72. Just haven't gotten that far yet.
Well, I found one solution.Cool The "Classic Autoair" company sells an A/C compressor upgrade kit for mustangs. Advantages over stock compressor are: half the weight and bulk, uses less horsepower, less vibration, and high performance. It's $487 (a bit pricy, but I've seen the compressor alone for $315). I may try it, here's a link:
SSig_goodjob Thanks for the follow thru!