Mach 1 Club

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This registry was founded in January 2000, by Raynald Belanger of Boucherville, Quebec, Canada..

The goal of this registry is to accumulate as much informations as possible, Serial numbers, Productions data, Copy of original invoices & Build sheets, Body tags descriptions, etc... concerning 1970 Mach1 in any condition.
Great site, looks like I re-posted it in the links section. Lots of information for 70 Mach Owners :)
Ya believe me I've made my rounds on the net hunting information on mine and for these boards. There's info all over the net about Mach 1's I'm hoping to get it all here in time.
im still looking for my high school mach one sad to report no luck all I have is a license plate numberSCo_hmmthinkSSig_help