Back up camera
My wife got me this back up camera a couple of years ago. It is from Wal Mart and is supposed to be wired to the back up light. I have it on whenever the car is on. It helps with the poor rear visibility on my 72 Mach 1.

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Pretty good idea. Don't think 69-73 Mach's were designed to back up LOL I imagine 71-73 were alot worse though
That's a good idea and a good location inside for the monitor. My son has an in-dash Video/Radio in his 2001 Mustang GT Bullitt that has a connection for a backup camera. I was going to get him the camera for the rear of the car for Christmas, but I forgot about it, maybe for his birthday. Ditto on posting up a picture of the camera on the rear of your Mach.
It mounts to the license plate mounting holes.

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(02-26-2010, 12:38 PM)fhunteman Wrote: It mounts to the license plate mounting holes.

That's not bad looking at all, good location for it!
Great idea, point it up and you can look at hotties behind you! Wink
and all the Chevies that you leave behind Laughing
I have this on my list of mods myself. There is a JVC EL Kameleon kd-avx44 that I believe will fit in the existing slot. The cool thing, I think it is anyway, about the system is that it has no knobs on it - it goes completely black when not in use and when in use you can tilt it up. The stereo slot on my 72 is low so this is a really good feature that you can tilt it up look down on the rear image. There is another system that ends in -77 I am going to look at soon, I am not sure if this is the next generation or something dramatically different in features but I do know you can upload an image to the faceplate. The rear camera jumped into my head almost immeditely when I saw the rear clearance. Another location I was thinking was thru one of the honey combs. I will definitely be doing this I don't know all of the hows yet or when but when I do I will take a picture inside and out.

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