Many Mustang model kits
One is the Monogram 1/32 snap kit. The other is some weird Japanese kit.

It would take me until when the next snow storm is over to describe every car in the other picture.


Nice display! Most of my diecast are in boxes. I collected quite a few to use with my Lionel Post War train collection, but when we moved to the new house about five years ago and never set the train layout up again!
vamach1, Nice collection.....I know I would be interested in seeing more pictures and more discriptions if you find time to do it. Nice job on the Mach's. I have a bunch of kits to build that I never will LOL Used to enjoy building them but its been so long since I have done it
If this snow keeps up I might get a few built. Then again, there's that 1/12 GT40 MKII kit that would take probably 160 hours alone.    
I picked it up for $100 off the retail price but it was still expensive.
I have no patience for models, I envy you guys that do.

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