What wax/polish do you prefer?
(01-08-2011, 05:32 AM)Mach1Marauder Wrote: For ease of use and quality of shine for everyday cars to show cars, I use the Zaino line for topcoat.

I have to agree with Wild Bill, I only use Zaino.
Plan to strip (if any wax came from the factory), clay bar and Zaino-fi my 2011 GT/CS in the spring.
Just purchased my '03 in October and promptly put it away. Used Lucas Slickmist for a quick speedwax before putting the cover on. Love the Mothers Back to Black for the spoiler, fin and shaker. I will have to check out the favs listed for serious waxing when spring comes!
You cant beat Meguiars although some Mother's products are just as good. My favorite wax before a cruise in or show is Meguiars ShowTime Glaze.


Ive also been using a product lately for black colors on your car like the rubber and black plastics, this stuff is great and it really makes your tires look good the next day, it comes out oily at first but it drys perfectly.

Its called BlackMagic Tire Wet
Use it sparingly a little goes a long way, its also pretty awesome to spray in your fender wheels (clean thoroughly before doing this.) Or just soak it all down and wait a day and take your car to the "do it yourself car wash" and it really loosens up all the grime and road scum that can build up in those fender wells.

(01-12-2011, 06:23 AM)Mach 1 Club Wrote: You cant beat Meguiars although some Mother's products are just as good. My favorite wax before a cruise in or show is Meguiars ShowTime Glaze.

I never use glazes in any form or fashion. While the may look good for a short time. One or two washes are all that's needed to reveal the scratches that the "glaze" filled.

My "philosophy" on paint is you correct it until it's flawless and then seal it and layer on top of that.

I wish I had taken pis of the last car I finished a couple of weeks ago. It was a Mustang with painted stripes and the it was cleared over all of it and the wetsanded and me polishing all that and topping with a few coats of Zaino. It's looked 10 miles deep in the Az sun...........20 mile inside under lights.
Its worked great on my cycle for 6 years, bike looks brand new. As in most things in life, people all have different choices some seem to work for some and for some they don't work so good.

Not saying what you mentioned Bill wont happen but its worked great for me. The key with the glaze is not to let it dry before wiping off.

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