1976 Ford Mustang II Mach 1 Hatchback - Two For The Show
Quote:Dick Stokes has a teddy-bear persona, yet he clearly is all business-a nice guy committed to the art of the deal. He's a sales executive attuned to the belief you don't get what you earn-you get what you negotiate. And this '76 Mustang II Mach 1 hatchback is all about negotiation, proving why it's a better Mustang than the more popular classics.

The Mustang II is the no-respect Pony that enthusiasts like to pick on. But did you know the Mustang II has a lot of penthouse engineering refinements that make it a better car than its '65-'73 ancestors?

Ford set out to build a betterMustang when it developed the '74-'78 Mustang II. Ford President Lee Iacocca wanted to get the Mustang back to its original size, with nice refinements designed to attract new buyers and lure back old ones. So, Ford worked on the wheelbase, the body, cleaner-burning engines, elegance, and something new in the auto industry then-noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

[Image: mufp_0702_01z+1976_ford_mustang+front_view.jpg]

The Details
'76 Mustang II Hatchback
Owner: Dick Stokes, Eugene, OR

302ci small-block V-8
4.030-inch bore, 3.000-inch stroke
Cast 2M crankshaft
Forged C8OE I-beam connecting rods
Forged 4.030-inch flattop Speed-Pro pistons
Edelbrock Performer 289 dual-plane manifold
Edelbrock 600-cfm 4V carburetor
Ford Duraspark ignition
Ford Racing 8mm ignition wires

C4 three-speed automatic

3.00 gears

Hedman headers
Custom dual exhaust

Front: Stock Mustang II, gas shocks
Rear: Stock Mustang II, gas shocks

Front:Stock single-piston disc
Rear: Stock drum

Front: Custom chrome steel, 14 x 6-inch
Rear: Custom chrome steel, 14 x 6-inch

Front: Cooper radial GT, 70-series
Rear: Cooper radial GT, 70-series

Custom upholstery using '04 Mustang GT bucket seats, DVD system with sunvisor-mounted monitors, sound system with a full complement of speakers, Grant GT steering wheel

DuPont Abyss Blue Pearl Basecoat/clearcoat, white LeMans stripes, King Cobra body bolt-ons

Information from: http://www.mustangandfords.com/featuredv...index.html
I am always amazed when I read and re-read the statistics for these hidden Mustangs and Mach 1's that all the numbers could be so right and yet they just do not grab my attention or desire.

I would buy one and I would drive it but they just do not hold much interest for me. Something akin to the Bronco II. Again the numbers are right in almost every aspect (from a four wheeler perspective) but I would take a early Bronco or the Big Bronco (after all I am a 71-73 Mach 1 owner) everyday over the Bronco II.

Maybe someday I will come across a little Mustang II coupe, find an EFI turbo four and a five speed combo to put in it and drive the ultimate sleeper.

Their day is coming and we will all wallow in our remorse that we did not grab that one so easily within our reach when no one cared! Now where did I see that one the other day?
There are some sharp looking Mustang II's out there including the Mach 1's. They were kind of fun to drive. The old girlfriend I bought my 73 convertible from bought a 74 Mustang II hatchback to replace it. It was a fun car at the time.

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