Think I should purchase a.............
What do you think, came across a 78 Tangerine Mach 1 forsale. Guy wants alittle more then I am willing to pay but its still not left my mind 100% yet.

Its sopost to be Original Paint, never seen winter roads, V8 2V with a 4-speed. After talking to the owner it seems like it would need a good restoration but its all there and solid.

Think it would look good sitting beside my other 2 Mach's :) Would it be kewl to have a 70, 78 & 04 Mach all Orange???


Here is a picture of a 77 thats looking all original.

Actually I kind of like it. I saw a Mustang II Mach 1 on eBay last year that was almost mint. I would have been tempted to bid on it, but we have four stangs already and the wife wouldn't go for it!
Parts are almost impossible to get. Ford dumped them all when the 10 years they have to hold them passed. Those wheels have got to go. What's he asking? $2,500?
(02-01-2010, 11:54 AM)vamach1 Wrote: Parts are almost impossible to get. Ford dumped them all when the 10 years they have to hold them passed. Those wheels have got to go. What's he asking? $2,500?

Ya the wheels do nothing for the car, they would be gone forsure. $2500.00 was about what I was thinking. Seems they are asking $6000.00 Sad
$6K is more than the car sold for new. They're insane. Put that car on Ebay and I bet it would not reach $3K.
Buy what you like. 6k for that stang seems a bit steep.

But you know what you like so if you can afford it go for it. We need someone with one of these to keep this section going. Laughing

When I was in High School a girlfriend had one of these in the Mach 1 and it was a 302. At that time her car was about 6 years old. It looked cool but when we put 2 people in the back seat and had 2 in the front, the car had no power.

Our Mustang Club has a member with one of these but nothing about his is original, his is very fast.
I've seen a few II's in the area, but they have been heavily modified. It's rare to see a stock one.
When it comes down to it I REALLY don't need another vehicle. I have a 2 car garage and 4 cars that need to be in it LOL After working on Junk cars all day when I get home at night I have "0" interest in working on anything but the couch infront of the T.V LOL

So ya.....I really need this hahahah But on the other hand.....everyone needs something in their driveway covered up so people driving by can ask themself "wonder whats under the cover" and when the day came that it was ever finished it would be great for the G/F to take to the local cruise nights :)

Seems everyone agree's that the price is kinda high.....I was in no position to pay $6000.00 for it but who talks.

If I was going to bite the bullet and purchase it I would want to make it 100% stock. Can just imagine the fun it would be trying to gather enough parts to make it perfect.
Hello all, Thanks for dropping by my Mustang II site and inviting me over. I think realistically the car mentioned looks to be clean however I agree 6K is more than the Market right now. BUT that car is very rare a T-TOP Optioned Mach I is quite a find! Actually the wheels on the car are not the problem it's those nasty 75 series tires UGH!! (See pics of my Cobra II)

I do own a 77 Mach I. Found it in a field, paid 250.00 for it. The restoration on this one will be a while. Probably 2013 for a finish date, But anyway, heres a few pics for fun. I have over 20 years experiance with these cars so feel free to ask questions. Also parts and restoration info is on my site

[Image: IMG_3230.jpg]

[Image: MiscPics2009042.jpg]

[Image: MiscPics2009065.jpg]
Found some concrete numbers for you,there were only 494 Mach 1s in 77 with the t-top. (Info provided by Marti Report) I'd offer him 3K and tell him to look on eBay he's getting a an excellent offer... Here's what she "Could" look like...

[Image: 1977-ford-mustang-ii-77-mii-mach-1.jpg]

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