Think I should purchase a.............
Pretty sweet!
(05-06-2010, 01:04 PM)mstng2 Wrote: Found some concrete numbers for you,there were only 494 Mach 1s in 77 with the t-top. (Info provided by Marti Report) I'd offer him 3K and tell him to look on eBay he's getting a an excellent offer... Here's what she "Could" look like...

Thanks for the production information. Thats basically what I was thinking my offer would be 2,500-3,000 but I don't wanna insult the guy either. Far as I know its still available. I was going to give him a call in the spring (little late) but I just haven't done it. Honestly I don't really need another vehicle, specially a Orange Mach lol

But seeing the pictures that you have posted has got me thinking though :) U need to start a thread that puts all your pictures in one place of all your Stangs
The MCA Club magazine, Mustang Times, is currently doing a several part series on the restoration of a Mustang II (Cobra I think). The articles talk about the problems with locating parts and other trials and tribulations. Anyway, I hope people keep finding and restoring them as they are part of the Mustang Heritage.

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