Negative Review of 73 Mach 1
You know this "Neidermeyer" needs to make it down to Tasmania, Australia for the Traga series and take a run with Peter Winn. Of course Peter you will need to cover your seat with some plastic so the clean up is easier after "Neidermeyer" is pulled scared stiff from the car. Sorry Peter but I figured you would be the best man for the job.
Well I read his review and the one thing that seems clear, Notallthere is that he is against the 71-73 right off the bat. I owned a 71 Mach1 in the late 70's and it was not much as delivered, with the skinny 70 series tires. Which were to small for the car. But when compared with a 71 Chevelle SS (which weighed 4500lbs or so) also on 70 series tires. The Mach1 all of a sudden seems like a sports car compared to Chevy's muscle car? But as delivered any and all early 70's cars handled poorly. Do a little tire and wheel swapping and things changed rapidly. I put E 60 x 14's on 8" aluminum slots up front and L60 x15's out back on 15 x 10" aluminum slots, and radiused the rear wheel wells to keep from Jacking the rear end up and all of a sudden I had a car capable of cornering as good if not better then a stock Corvette of about the same year. My cousin owned the 71 Chevelle SS and a buddy owned the 76 Corvette, so I speak from cardinal knowledge on both. So pooh on this Guy if he can't see the beauty in the Mustang? Sorrydontknow They make plenty of Chevy's for Moron's JUST LIKE HIM! Roflmao1 JTS 71 Mach1
(03-15-2011, 06:04 AM) Wrote:
(03-14-2011, 11:35 AM)1969jimmach Wrote:
(02-08-2010, 05:24 AM)71mach1 Wrote: First off the guy's named is Neidermeyer. Secondly, in the fall of 1970, the 71 Mustangs had 285 horses and the HO came out in 1972. He can keep his cute Toyotas and his handsome Camaros. Enough said.Roflmao1
Im with you everybody has an opinion his was wrong I have brought up my son to think mustang was the only car made.But until he can afford his own insurance the Mach is with me.
Good or bad I just love the 71/73 . To bad at the time we were in a war . C.L.Wave
The one person who was against the Big mustangs is Lee Iacocca from the start . Bunkie Knudsen became president in ford . I believe in 1968 . Ford put Bunkie Knudsen where Lee Iacocca felt was his rightfull place at Ford . So I think after Bunkie Knudsen was long gone . This is my own felling about the 71/73 . I think Lee Iacocca as the next president at ford . He hated every thing that mustang stood for . THis is why we have been on the losing end of things . Ford is still not very willing to let the parts be mayed . If that is the issue even now how come Dynacorn hasn,t mayed some more sheet metal parts we need to save our car,s . C.L. SCo_hmmthink

Hope you don't mind me commenting on an older thread...

A good friend of mine owns multiple Mustangs. I sometimes help him out by driving one of his ponies to the annual Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Oh yeah, he really has to twist my arm to do this.) Last year I drove his '73 Mach 1. It's a white car with the cowl induction hood, a race-prepped 351C 4V and a few handling mods. I had a lot of fun driving that car to Steamboat, driving it in the Autocross, and driving it back. I don't know what it is about a white Mach 1, but boy do the chicks dig that car! They beg me to let them sit in it. And I'm happy to oblige. Big Grin

During the "Show & Shine", the town of Steamboat blocks off their main street, then opens it only to Mustangs. No kidding, the entire street is lined with hundreds of Mustangs in a street fair atmosphere. Last year I parked the '73 Mach 1 next to a nice red example of the same era. I watched the owner receive a plaque for turning the second fastest overall time of the Autocross event. (He lost to an extremely tricked-out 66 Fastback by a tiny fraction of a second.) And this isn't unusual. Every year this guy shows up with his "big" Mustang and burns up the Autocross track. He's typically the fastest car. No kidding, he's even faster than the brand new Mustangs. Thus, his Mach 1 is a living, fire-breathing example which shoots the "big and slow" '71-'73 myth full of holes.

My very first car was a '71 fastback. Boy, did I have a lot of fun in that car! A high school classmate who drove a '56 Chevy often asked me, "How do you see out the back of that thing?" To which I always answered, "You don't".

I probably wouldn't buy another '71-'73 Mustang. But one never knows. And my buddy is selling his '73...
Thanks for your positive review, neat story!
My wife and I went to Steamboat 2007 and 2008 I love going. I wanted to go this year just couldn't afford the 1200 bucks of 7-9 days away from home driving from Arizona it takes to go.

I highly recommend Steamboat Springs for the Rockie Mountain Mustangs. Its great!! Our club won a trophy in 2008 for the club most represented outside Colorado with 12 cars.
















Great pictures! Thanks for sharing those.

I was at the Roundup in 2008. That year I drove a '68 Gulfstream Aqua GT Convertible. Oh yeah, the chicks dug that car as well. And, say what you will, but for twelve minutes at the Steamboat Wendy's drive-thru, I was a god. Rocker

We went to sign up for the Roundup this year and found it was already full. This was in early March. I don't think it filled up that soon in the past.

Oh well, maybe I can drive my own Mach 1 to Steamboat in 2012. It would be great to meet some Mach 1 owners.
My plan is to go next year. Gotta plan now almost as soon as this years event ends, Ill probably book my room in September.
I was parked next to that street terror Mach 1 all day at the Roundup last year. I talked with the owner off and on. He's a way-cool guy. He told me a little about his setup. In case anyone might be interested, he runs a 351C with Aussie 2V heads, custom grind hydraulic cam (from a speed shop in Denver), 5-speed manual and a 4:30 rear diff. And yes, he drove his Mach 1 to the roundup. He said he was thinking about bolting on a set of aluminum heads.

No doubt this guy is an amazing driver. But his blistering times never fail to leave many observers scratching their heads as he maneuvers that beast around the course. ("Duh... Hey, those cars are supposed to be big and slow.")

My times were far from blistering. I'm not an amazing driver. But I was having a blast.
Great pictures, looks like it would be a great event to attend, but way to far from Virginia!

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