Brazing/Soldering a Brass Radiator
The radiator in my 1956 F100 should ideally have the upper hose fitting on the passenger side of the upper tank to easily work with the 390 FE motor it has.  Right now the upper hose fitting is in the middle which was the stock location for it with the original 272 Y-block motor.  Finding a molded hose to fit is a problem.  It's the original radiator from this truck with a fairly new 4-row core and auto trans cooler in it.  But, since radiator shops are now all but gone here in California, I'd have to move the upper hose fitting myself.  I can solder and I can braze, I have oxy-acetylene torches. But I have never attempted anything like this.

Question:  Anybody here have experience soldering or brazing the older copper/brass radiators?  If so, any info would be appreciated.  To use it like it is I'd have to assembly a plumbing maze to get the upper hose from the motor to the radiator.

Another question:  Are there any FE thermostat housings that will point forward instead of toward the passenger side?  That would solve all my radiator hose issues.
Hey Mike, Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the "Y" block was an FE Motor. I believe the 292 312 352 360 390 410 427 428 430 and there may be others, are all the same engine family. Just 2 different names, for the same engines???

Did you try swapping the thermostat housing itself, or is it you don't have the one from the original motor? I'm sure there should be several different T stat housings that point different directions. Did you look at LMC Truck, as they claim to have most anything, for Ford Chevy etc.  Hope it helps. 

You might be right.  I have no idea if the Y-block motors were part of the FE family.  Physically, they are completely different.  I don't have the original 272 motor any more.  But I do know from pictures the thermostat housings are completely different.  Even if a Y-block T-stat housing will fit, because the mounting holes on the FE intake are diagonal, it would position the T-stat pointing to the passenger side. I've also learned that apparently the FE motors have used two different size thermostats and housings.  This motor has a Holley Street Dominator intake on it, so I don't yet know which T-stat it uses.

I'm quickly learning, FE motors are a bit rare these days so finding parts in stock is not easy.  Places like Summit Racing carry parts in stock, but selection is minimal compared to other motors.
Hey Mike, after a little research, it turns out the "Y" block is the engine produced after the Flathead, and it lasted to about 57" in the trucks. It was then replaced by the FE Series engines. And they are 2 completely different animals. The most obvious difference to the eye is that the Y block has a rear mounted distributor. So that would look very strange to almost any Ford guy. Most if not all the mid 50's Ford I've ever seen have always had a later model engine in them, cause I can't recall ever seeing a Ford engine with a rear distributor??? 
I'm still learning.

That sounds more correct for the Y-block and the FE motor families.  Those Y-block motors were a bit odd by today's standards.  Could never make much power.  The cylinder heads were horrible.  They used a mushroom shaped lifter that was installed from the bottom with the block upside-down, before the cam could be installed.

Anybody know where I can find specs for an old Manley Thunderstick cam.  That's what is in that 390.  I remember it ran good with just a mild rough idle.  I would like to find some specs for it.

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